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A great eye for color

Michelle will make certain that the lighting in the home is at its best in all rooms. Michelle will work with the natural light and light fixtures as great lighting is a must when selling your home for a quick sale!

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Backyard - entertaining area

With a few suggestions, Michelle can help you make
your entertaining area look amazing!

Consultation 2-3 hours

At this time, Michelle will go room to room with the sellers and make suggestions on what furniture will be staged and what will be stored away. She may also make recommendations on rooms that may need painting and will provide the sellers her guidance on colors. Curb appeal is a must! After all, the potential buyer sees the home first. Michelle may suggest ideas on how to make the exterior of the home look its very best. To wrap up the meeting, Michelle may discuss additional thoughts that she may have with the sellers that they can do with the interior of the home for a quick and profitable sale!

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Exterior Planters

Michelle makes beautiful planters that can add a lot of curb appeal to your home. With Michelle's creative mindset she will make great recommendations for all seasons!

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Fresh floral arrangements

Michelle enjoys making floral arrangements. All of the arrangements made in the photos, are made by Michelle. She will be more than happy to make them for your home.

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